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The Institute engages in a wide variety of research projects on its own initiative and in response to requests from government and the private sector.

The Institute has completed studies in the following areas:

  • Mining law;
  • The application of environmental protection legislation to the forest sector;
  • Oil and gas law on Canada lands; and
  • Water law.

Research is ongoing in the following areas:

  • Legal and policy issues in the areas of forestry;
  • Water resource management;
  • Petroleum sector;
  • Environmental regulation;
  • International trade; and
  • Mining.

While the Institute's mandate specifically targets resources law, it also participates in research projects involving disciplines other than law, and engages such work through interdisciplinary study teams. The Institute also jointly engages research with other institutions.

Research projects are undertaken both by Institute's staff and by fellow experts at the University of Calgary and nationwide. Projects are funded through the Institute's own resources and by contracts with individual sponsors.